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RelationShit Happens

We'll help you solve any argument
in just 15 minutes.

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Millennial Coaches for Millennial Couples

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What We Do

Recreate your Honeymoon Phase

Resolving arguments doesn't have to take hours or days - we founded the key to relationship happiness and will help solve your arguments in just 15 minutes.

RelationShit Happens is a boutique millennial run Couples Coaching service that works 2:2 with you and your partner.

Reinvent your relationship by reviving the intimacy, reestablishing the connection and recreating your love.

Our expertise will help you create the confident, playful and loving relationship you only see in movies.

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"KC and Olivia put my relationship with my partner back on track. We had veered off onto a path of anger, resentment and contention but after only a few sessions with them, we already started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - hope, intimacy, connection & love."


"I was skeptical at first, asking for help from a couples coach, but the fact that KC and Olivia are in a relationship, are vulnerable about their own breakdowns and share how they work through theirs had my partner and I feel comfortable, safe and related to."


"Having another couple who is going through the same stuff we're going through, but has the answers, was game changing for our relationship. This isn't just what saved it, but is the reason it's thriving."

Rebecca & Sam

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What are Coaches?

Coaches exist to elevate your performance, recognize that which you can't see because you're too busy playing the game. As Couple Coaches, we're here to strengthen your communication and reveal the blind spots that hold you back from being fully self-expressed, loving and at peace in your relationship.

Think of us as those friends who give really good advice. Like, the best advice you've ever got; you actually feel lighter after chatting with them! We have the pro-tips to lighten your mental load, ease your frustrations and free up relationship resentments. We will leave you and bae feeling blissfully light, harmoniously happy and euphorically in love.

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Power Couple Packages

Lean into your Bad-Ass-Selves 😎

If you and bae have been bickering about the same issue for more than a month, or have had deep-seeded issues throughout your relationship (think: jealousy, nagging, lust), enough is enough. Your bickering is time wasted, time that could instead be consumed by laughter, connection, love, joy and partner-in-crime bad-assery. You can sit around all day complaining, nagging, ignoring and bickering with/about bae to your friends and family, or, you can move past your drama and create the relationship of your dreams.

Don't be salty. Recreate your Honeymoon Phase by choosing a package below. We'll have you feeling #blessed by the end of session 1.

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1 month

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3 months


6 months

Good Vibes Only

This 1 month, 10-session, 

Good Vibes Only package, is for the couple who is committed to solid communication, growth & connection & wants the power tools to get there quick. If you and bae have kinks in your relationship that you'd like to smooth out because you're noticing how it could weigh down your love down in the future, then spill the tea, cause this one's for you.

Squad Goals

This 3 month, 30-session Squad Goals

package is for that ambitious power-couple in it for the long run and are committed AF. You're familiar with therapy and/or coaching, you know there's stuff to work through and you're both willing to tackle some demons. You're ready to bounce back to be in a stronger, more resilient and honest relationship.

*Low key this is our most popular package.

'Cause We Slay

This 6 month, 60-session Cause We Slay package is for couples who want an unrecognizable relationship by the end of our work together. There are deep-rooted issues to work through that have been there for awhile, but you're both ultra committed to reestablishing the love & making it work. This package is for couples who are in it to win it. Ya'll are straight savages for picking this! 

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We seek immediate relief for physical pain but will endure emotional pain for years.

Olivia Richman, MD

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Why us?

For couples, by couples


Kevin Charles, LCSW (he/him) received his masters as a licensed therapist from NYU and has been inspiring his millennial clientele ever since. He is committed to creating freedom and peace of mind for his clients because this mindset leads to happiness. His favorite pastime is talking smack to 13yo kids while playing video games, his favorite activity is doing curls in the squat rack and his favorite quote is, "Comfort is the enemy of change."

Olivia Richman, MD (she/her) is an international award winning physician, TEDx speaker, content creator and author. With over a decade of experience in personal development seminars from world-class life coaches, she is committed to creating empowerment for those around her. Her favorite show is Parks & Rec and her favorite quote is, “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

Olivia and Kevin Charles host a podcast & YouTube channel where they vulnerably share relatable relationship breakdowns, lead their audience to the root cause of their arguments and walk them through how they swiftly create powerful breakthroughs. Listen/Subscribe below!

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Check Out Our Content!

KC and Olivia talk about the 1% of things most couples don't talk about including their crushes, deep insecurities about themselves, and even scarier, about each other. KC and Olivia finally found themselves in the most powerful, fulfilled and healthiest relationship yet. They've curated tools from personal experiences that they hope you can find useful in your life, whether it be with bae, a friend, family member or most importantly, with yourself.

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“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way.
If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.”

Jen Sincero

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